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Combatant’s Keep Historical Entertainment reflects over two decades of research, development, and performance at faires, festivals and jousting events throughout the US. Tired of the usual joust/stunt shows, we combined elements from living history, modern equestrian eventing, classical riding, and the work of our founder, Tom Nader, in professional technical theatre, to create an organization that moves seamlessly between educational programming, modern competitions, and fast-paced entertainment – all while preserving the pageantry and spirit of the Joust.

Combatant’s Keep welcomes the opportunity to customize our shows to meet the needs of any client. Past offerings include our Headless Horseman Halloween Stunt Show, Scots vs. the English 1745 Highland Challenge, Old West/Mounted Cavalry Presentations, Modern Competitions, and of course, our most popular offering – the Joust. 

Headless Horseman

1745 Highland Challenge

Old West Mounted Cavalry

We’ve had the honor of impressing crowds at the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Cincinnati Caledonian Society, the Old West Festival, the Ashville Viking Festival, and schools across Ohio and Kentucky. Our troupe has organized and hosted International Jousting League-sanctioned competitive tournaments for the Ohio State Fair as well as stand-alone events such as the Treaty City Joust, featuring competitors from throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Equestrian Games

Modern Riding

These ambitious endeavors, as well as our passion for our craft, attention to detail, and competitive precision are just part of what earned Combatant’s Keep a spot on the “Top 100 Acts of Faire” in 2015 by Renaissance Magazine, vol. 19, ed. #6, issue 100.

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